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Pocahontas State Park Sunday, December 1st, 2013
Pocahontas Trail Markers

Pocahontas Trail Markers

Pocahontas State Park
Fee: $4 Day Parking (fee schedule)
Pets: Yes (with leash)
Bikes: Yes
Boating: Yes
Horses: Yes
Handicap: Some Access
Fishing: Yes
Camping: Yes
Swimming: Yes
Picnic Facilities: Yes
Ampitheater: Yes
Camp Store: Yes

[pdf] Trail Map

Bright Hope Trail:
Distance: 5.4 miles roundtrip
Difficulty: Easy (horse and biking access)

(2013-11-30 – Patrick, Erin, Ethan, Daphne, Elizabeth, Bryana, Jeff) – This was my initial visit to Pocahontas State Park.  There was ample parking off of Beach Road with trailer sized lots that can hold around 50 vehicles.  We took the Bright Hope trail, which was easy walking with small or gradual increases in elevation.  The main thing to watch for on this trail is the scat left by visiting horses.  All intersections are well marked making this trail easy to navigate.  I look forward to checking out some of the more scenic trails in the park.

Vanderkamp Tuesday, October 8th, 2013
Frank Channing Soule Lodge

Frank Channing Soule Lodge

Fee: None (donations accepted)
Pets: No
Handicap Access: Grounds only, not trails

Parking: N43 15.560 W75 54.107
[map] 1979 Trail Map
[map] 2011 Trail Map
[link] Cleveland Historical Society – Vanderkamp History
[link] Cleveland Historical Society – Vanderkamp Gallery
[link] Vanderkamp Official Site

Green Trail
N43 15.522 W75 53.982
Distance: 2.4 miles roundtrip
Difficulty: Easy

Trail View - Green / Orange Trail

Trail View – Green / Orange Trail





Boat House

Boat House


Blue Trail
N43 15.522 W75 53.982
Distance: 1.4 miles roundtrip
Difficulty: Easy

Orange Trail
N43 15.522 W75 53.982
Distance: 2.9 miles roundtrip
Difficulty: Easy

Stone Bridge - Orange Trail

Stone Bridge – Orange Trail

Ferns - Orange Trail

Ferns – Orange Trail


10/04/2013 (Solo) Vanderkamp is a hidden oasis in the Cleveland area.  The trails offer many scenic areas, both along the beautiful pond and within the wooded trails.  The main areas around the lodges is very easy walking.  However, along some of the trails, there are areas that can be tricky to navigate.  There are signs placed throughout the trails, but it is recommended that you have a map and compass in hand.  Several of the signs simply indicate north or south, so knowing north is helpful.  Admittedly, there where a few areas that contained unmarked crossroads that had me double backing, especially around marker #23 which leads out to County Route #17.  This being said, many trail markers and much maintenance has been done along the trails making it a great place to hike.

Northeast Trail Monday, September 9th, 2013
View from the Northeast Trail

View from the Northeast Trail

Northeast Trail
Fee: None
Pets: Yes (with leash)
Handicap Access

Parking: N43 09.458 W76 19.871

N43 09.458 W76 19.871
Distance: 0.4 miles roundtrip
Difficulty: Easy

09/08/2013 (Advgrl, Steve) – This is a short paved trail that travels along the Seneca River. There is a nice view of the river and a geocache on this trail.  Parking is ample via a public lot.