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Pocahontas State Park Sunday, December 1st, 2013
Pocahontas Trail Markers

Pocahontas Trail Markers

Pocahontas State Park
Fee: $4 Day Parking (fee schedule)
Pets: Yes (with leash)
Bikes: Yes
Boating: Yes
Horses: Yes
Handicap: Some Access
Fishing: Yes
Camping: Yes
Swimming: Yes
Picnic Facilities: Yes
Ampitheater: Yes
Camp Store: Yes

[pdf] Trail Map

Bright Hope Trail:
Distance: 5.4 miles roundtrip
Difficulty: Easy (horse and biking access)

(2013-11-30 – Patrick, Erin, Ethan, Daphne, Elizabeth, Bryana, Jeff) – This was my initial visit to Pocahontas State Park.  There was ample parking off of Beach Road with trailer sized lots that can hold around 50 vehicles.  We took the Bright Hope trail, which was easy walking with small or gradual increases in elevation.  The main thing to watch for on this trail is the scat left by visiting horses.  All intersections are well marked making this trail easy to navigate.  I look forward to checking out some of the more scenic trails in the park.

Mill Island Trail Monday, September 9th, 2013
Mill Island Trail

Mill Island Trail

Mill Island Trail
Fee: None
Pets: Yes (with leash)
Fishing allowed
* I’m not sure if this trail is designated as having handicap access, but I believe it may be possible.

Lock 24 Parking: N43 09.364 W76 19.939
There is very limited parking at the end of Marble Street, possibly room for a vehicle or two.  You should not park in front of houses on Marble Street as several signs will remind you.  However, there is public parking at Canal Lock #24.

Trailhead Gate: N43 09.368 W76 19.757
Distance: 0.6 miles roundtrip
Difficulty: Easy

09/08/2013 (Advgrl, Steven) – This is a very easy trail that offers plenty of fishing access trails on both sides.  At the end of the trail you’ll see both sides of the Seneca River which this strip of land splits.  As of this visit, there was a geocache just off the trail.

Devil’s Hole / Whirlpool State Park Tuesday, September 11th, 2012


Devil’s Hole – Staircase

Devil’s Hole State Park
Fee: None
Pets: Yes (with leash)
Bikes: No

New York State Parks – Devil’s Hole
NYFalls – Devil’s Hole State Park
New York State Parks – Whirlpool
NYFalls – Whirlpool State Park
Scott A. Ensminger – Devil’s Hole

Distance: 3.7 miles roundtrip
Difficulty: Difficult (descent) Easy (gorge trail)

(2012-09-01) This was Kevin and my initial trip to Devil’s Hole. Our primary purpose was to scout out the fishing access on the Niagara. The park itself is free and the majority of the trail was easy walking. However, the staircase down at Devil’s Hole is a cardiac workout. Save some energy for the walk back! Overall, there were some places that you could get to the water to fish, but caution is needed as a wrong step or two and you could find yourself trying to fight the currents of the Niagara River. We focused primarily on two locations. Saw fish but caught nothing. The trail at Devil’s Hole connects to the trail at Whirlpool State Park. The staircase for the Whirlpool is indicated on the map, but we didn’t take it. In all, our round trip was 3.7 miles.


Bank side – Devil’s Hole


View of the power plant.


Cave along the trail


Rock face …