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Rand Tract Recreational Area Monday, March 26th, 2012

Rand Tract

Rand Tract, Webster Pond, Hopper’s Woods
Fee: None
Hours: Sunrise to sunset daily
Pets: Yes (except Webster Pond)
Bikes: No

Essay – Ephraim Webster

Webster Pond
Parking Area: GPS N42 59.745 W76 09.184
Parking Spaces: About 25
Archery Range: GPS N42 59.764 W76 09.261
Body of Water: Kimber Brook
Fishing: (Junior) Fees and Regulations
Fishing: (Adults) Fees and Regulations
Fish Species: Trout (Rainbow, Brook, Brown)
Bass (Black, Sm. Mouth) – Stocked & Native

Webster Pond – Panoramic Image

Webster Pond – Anglers Association of Onondaga office

Webster Pond – Fowl

Webster Pond – Archery Area

Webster Pond – Willow

Webster Pond / Rand Tract Access Trail
Distance: 0.29 miles (1way) / Difficulty: Easy
Trail Entrance: N42 59.657 W76 09.254

Webster Pond – Rand Tract Access Trail

Rand Tract Entrances
Main Trail: N42 59.486 W76 09.415
Cemetery Entry 1: N42 59.465 W76 09.403
Cemetery Entry 2: N42 59.316 W76 09.529
Merritt Entry: N42 59.933 W76 09.636
Hopper Parking/Entry: N42 59.827 W76 09.578
Parking Spaces: About 2 cars and available street parking

Rand Tract – X01 to X02
Distance: 0.12 miles / Difficulty: Easy
X01: N42 59.483 W76 09.447

Rand Tract – X01 to X03
Distance: 0.51 miles / Difficulty: Easy
X03: N42 59.558 W76 09.612

Rand Tract – X03 to X04
Distance: 0.19 miles / Difficulty: Easy
X04: N42 59.718 W76 09.663

Rand Tract – X04 to X05
Distance: 0.13 miles / Difficulty: Moderate
X05: N42 59.622 W76 09.734

Rand Tract – X05 Upper Trail

Rand Tract – X05 to X06
Distance: 0.39 miles / Difficulty: Easy
X06: N42 59.291 W76 09.648

Rand Tract – Middle Falls

Rand Tract – X05 to X09
Distance: 0.1 miles / Difficulty: Moderate
X09: N42 59.648 W76 09.813
* This stretch is well groomed but elevates 120′ in .1 mile.

Rand Tract – X06 to X07
Distance: 0.17 miles / Difficulty: Easy
X07: N42 59.292 W76 09.542

Rand Tract – Teepee

Rand Tract – X07 to X08
Distance: 0.20 miles / Difficulty: Easy
X08: N42 59.432 W76 09.522

Rand Tract – X08 & X01

Rand Tract – X09 to Upper Falls
Distance: 0.41 miles / Difficulty: Easy
Upper Falls: N42 59.429 W76 09.778

03-24/26-2012 (Solo) – This is my initial visit to the Tract.  The trails are easily seen and there are markings on trees along the trail.  However, I couldn’t find an “official” trail map to date.  For this reason, I’ve attached the trails I’ve walked.

For the most part, all of the trails are easy walking.  Because of the steep incline, I rated crossing 4 to crossing 5 as moderate.  It’s also worth noting that crossing 5 to crossing 6 are high and there are some steep drop offs where the trail comes close to the edge.  It is also immediately apparent that there is a lot of “dead” wood and on windy days, watch for falling debris.

03-30-2012 (Solo) – Today I entered at the Hopper Road entrance.  There is room for two cars at the end of the road.  Any remaining parking has to be along the street.  The objective today was to hike the portion of the upper from X05 to X09 and onto the upper falls.

X05 to X09 is only a tenth of mile, but its at a 35% grade so I marked it as a moderate stretch.  It appears that once you’ve reached the stone wall at X09 you’ve reached the end of trail.  I saw posted signs at the fence line so I’m not if there is a path the continues to travel north along the fence.

The remaining hike from X09 to the upper falls is easy.  I turned around at that point and headed back.  However, it appears that you can fall the brook to the lower falls and connect with X05.

Fair Haven Beach State Park Friday, July 29th, 2011

Lakeview Trail

Fair Haven Beach State Park
14985 State Park Road, Fair Haven, NY 13064
Fee: State Park Fees Apply - Pets w/restrictions

NYS Parks – Trail Map
NYS Parks – Camp Map

Trail: Bluff Nature Trail
Distance: Unknown / Difficulty: Easy
GPS: Unknown

Trail: Lakeshore Trail
Distance: .85 miles (1-Way) / Difficulty: Easy
GPS: N43 21.204 W76 40.969 (South Trailhead)
GPS: N43 21.793 W76 40.382 (Lakeshore/Woodland)

Trail: Woodland Trail
Distance: .85 miles (1-Way) / Difficulty: Easy
GPS: N43 21.364 W76 40.809 (South Trailhead)
GPS: N43 21.793 W76 40.382 (Lakeshore/Woodland)

07/28/2011 (AdvGirl) – We made camp at site #253/#254 along the Lakeview camping area.  There was a good amount of space at these sites, compared to many other camp grounds we’ve gone to.  These sites offered a view of the lake and were close to well maintained bathroom facilities.  We started our hike here.  From the service road, we hiked to the Lakeshore Trail.  The Lakeshore Trail is a rock and sand base.  It is easily walked and allows views of the bluffs towering overhead.  At the north-eastern end of the Lakeshore Trail, you can pickup the start of the Woodland Trail.  This is an easy walking, well maintained trail.  However, on this July day, it had an abundance of deer flies.  Even with “Deep Woods Off”, it didn’t add anything to experience.  The other amenities, especially the two beaches, are very nice.  Canoes and paddle boats are available to rent and offers access to Sterling Pond, Sterling Creek, and Sterling Marsh.


Lakeview Camping Area - Site #253 -Â N43 20.912 W76 41.333


Lakeshore Trail Entrance


View from the Lakeshore Trail


Woodland Trail View

Sandy Creek Monday, April 18th, 2011
Sandy Creek (Jefferson County)

Sandy Creek - Monitor Mill Road

Body of Water:
Sandy Creek

Key Species:
Salmon (Chinook), Steelhead, Trout (Brown & Brook)

“Its headwaters contain holes and runs separated by shallow riffs.  Downstream of Adams it becomes flat water.  Around Woodville it enters a low gorge and slides down a clean, gentile, 2 mile-long slope whose broken floor creates violent backwashes, slicks, shallow pools, and runs.  It feeds Lakeview Marsh Wildlife Management Area’s Floodwood Pond.” — Fishing Western New York

Sandy Creek - 2

Sandy Creek - Monitor Mill Road

Rybaak 45B] - Public Access
GPS: N43 44.669 W76 07.599
* Parking for 20 Vehicles at North Landing Road.  There is public parking in the village of Woodville, but it is a pay lot ($5/day) as of this post.