Onondaga Creek

June 7th, 2010
Onondaga Creek - Inner Harbor

Onondaga Creek - Inner Harbor

Bodies of Water:
Onondaga Creek

Key Species:
Brown Trout & Carp

“This creek starts a couple miles northwest of Tully, flows north for about 20 miles through Onondaga Indian Nation territory and Syracuse, and feeds Onondaga Lake at the city’s Inner Harbor, under the shadow of Carousel Center Mall.” – Fishing Western New York

Onondaga Creek Conceptional Visualization Plan

[Rybaak 123A] – Inner Harbor Park
GPS: N43 03.601 W76 09.799 (West Kirkpatrick Parking)
GPS: N43 03.721 W76 09.788 (Solar Street Parking)
GPS: N43 03.686 W76 10.156 (Van Rensselaer Street Parking)

*There is ample parking around the harbor and additional parking a few blocks away at Carousel Mall.  This area is unique in that its a good place to bring the family to picnic and fish.  Check the local paper for event dates at the Harbor.  Often times you can actually fish and listen to a national recording artist’s set.  You can’t do that many places.

Onondaga Creek - Inner Harbor

Onondaga Creek - Inner Harbor

[HBF 123B] – Dorwin / Kelly Park Drive
GPS: N42 59.099 W76 09.014 (Parking)

Ways to revitalize Onondaga Creek during a canoe trip with Don Hughes

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