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Devil’s Hole / Whirlpool State Park Tuesday, September 11th, 2012


Devil’s Hole – Staircase

Devil’s Hole State Park
Fee: None
Pets: Yes (with leash)
Bikes: No

New York State Parks – Devil’s Hole
NYFalls – Devil’s Hole State Park
New York State Parks – Whirlpool
NYFalls – Whirlpool State Park
Scott A. Ensminger – Devil’s Hole

Distance: 3.7 miles roundtrip
Difficulty: Difficult (descent) Easy (gorge trail)

(2012-09-01) This was Kevin and my initial trip to Devil’s Hole. Our primary purpose was to scout out the fishing access on the Niagara. The park itself is free and the majority of the trail was easy walking. However, the staircase down at Devil’s Hole is a cardiac workout. Save some energy for the walk back! Overall, there were some places that you could get to the water to fish, but caution is needed as a wrong step or two and you could find yourself trying to fight the currents of the Niagara River. We focused primarily on two locations. Saw fish but caught nothing. The trail at Devil’s Hole connects to the trail at Whirlpool State Park. The staircase for the Whirlpool is indicated on the map, but we didn’t take it. In all, our round trip was 3.7 miles.


Bank side – Devil’s Hole


View of the power plant.


Cave along the trail


Rock face …



Coral Caverns Thursday, July 30th, 2009
Coral Cavern

Coral Cavern

Name: Coral Caverns

Fee: Nominal Fee
Pets: No

GPS: N 40 00.499 W 78 35.246

Trail: Guided Trail
Length: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

> 10/19/2007 (AdvGirl, The Piper Family, Marylee Brown & Chinook)

Clark Reservation State Park Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Clark Reservarion - 2009Name: Clark Reservation State Park
Fee: State Park Entry Fee
Pets: Yes
GPS: N42 59.851 W76 05.481

Trail: Big Buck Trail
Length: x.x miles / Difficulty: Easy

Trail: Cliff Side Trail
Length: x.x miles / Difficulty: Easy

Trail: Dry Lake Trail
Length: x.x miles / Difficulty: Easy

Trail: Mildred Faust Trail
Length: x.x miles / Difficulty: Easy

Trail: Saddle Back Trail
Length: x.x miles / Difficulty: Easy

Trail Maps:

> 02/09/2008 (AdvGirl, Debbie & Chinook)
> 06/23/2009 (Chinook)

This is a very nice park.  There are several trails here.  Unfortunately, I still have not been able to get an actual trail map.  The trails are labeled well, but I would much rather have a map as a turn or two onto different trails could have you going in a loop for while.  Although I’ve marked the trails as easy, the cliff side trail does come close to the edge from time to time and some of the rocks may be difficult for smaller pets.  For those not interested in the trails, the park offers a lot of recreational options such as pavilions, volley ball and baseball areas, picnic areas and more.  This park offers many options.

The history of park is very interesting as well.  Check out the article on Wikipedia and the compilation of information put together by Pamela Priest.  I’m also very interested in exploring the caves at the park.  Check out the Youtube video done by the Syracuse Area Outdoors Club called “Exploring Clark’s Reservation” and the “Clark Reservation 2008” compilation.  In an online forum, I found the following instructions on locating the caves:

“Lookinng at clark’s as a satellite image, you will see main parking lot, from there go up to fence over looking lake below, turn left and follow fence around to end, cross over the top of falls (dry), head north to you get to cliff’s, then follow cliffs to the left. If you view clarks from “481 south”, on shoulder of road, you can see the “painted rock” from there. Take a gps location and then go into clarks and use your gps location to guide you to painted rock.” — NYFalls. Com

However, be warned that in the same forum there is a comment that some Syracuse University students got lost in the caves for three hours.  Unable to find their way back out, they had to climb out of a hole in the ceiling.

Clark Reservation - Big Buck Trail

Clark Reservation - Big Buck Trail

Clark Reservation - Cliff Side Trail

Clark Reservation - Cliff Side Trail

Clark Reservation - Dry Lake

Clark Reservation - Dry Lake

Clark Reservation - Saddle Back Trail

Clark Reservation - Saddle Back Trail

Clark Reservation - 2008

Clark Reservation - 2008