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Lakeview Wildlife Management Area Wednesday, May 26th, 2010
Lake View Natural Beach

Lake View Natural Beach

Lakeview Wildlife Management Area
Fee: Southwick Beach State Park Entry Fee
Pets: Yes

Parking Area:
N43 45.889 W76 12.882 (Southwick State Park)

Trail Maps:
DEC Map – Lakeview Wildlife Area
Southwick Beach Trail Map

Fishing:  Lakeview Marsh Wildlife Management Area Ponds

Trail: Lakeview Natural Beach Trail
Distance: 6.5 miles (round trip) / Difficulty: Easy
GPS: N43 45.889 W76 12.882

Trail: Southwick Big Beach Trail
Distance: 0.7 miles (round trip)/ Difficulty: Easy

Trail: Southwick Big Dead Maple Tree Trail
Distance: 0.2 miles (round trip)/ Difficulty: Easy

Trail: Southwick Unnamed Trail
Distance: 1.2 miles (round trip)/ Difficulty: Easy

05/22/2010 (AdvGirl) – This was my initial visit to Southwick Beach, although my wife had been there several times.  Let me tell you, there is a lot of beach here.  Due to the time (and the heat) we opted for the Lakeview Beach trail.  After you move away from the State Park, there is so much beach and not a soul in sight.  The entire walk was on the sand with little to no elevation.  There are two wooden decks — one going to Lakeview Pond and the other, a lookout onto Floodwood Pond — to check out along the way.  As there were a few additional short trails in the area (and a fishing spot I want to try just minutes away from the park) a return trip for additional details will be forthcoming.

Lake Ontario From Lakeview Pond

Lake Ontario From Lakeview Pond

Boardwalk Between Floodwood Pond & Lake View Natural Beach

Boardwalk Between Floodwood Pond & Lake View Natural Beach

Natural Beach - Floodwood Pond Return Point

Natural Beach - Floodwood Pond Return Point

Taughannock Falls State Park Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Taughannock "Upper Falls" - Gorge Trail

Taughannock Falls State Park
Fee: State Park Fees Apply
Pets: w/Restrictions

Parking Area: N42 32.307 W76 36.514 (Overlook)
Parking Area: N42 32.727 W76 35.969 (South Rim / Gorge)
Parking Area: N42 32.835 W76 35.786 (Picnic / Fishing)

Trail Map:

Trail: North Rim
Distance: 1.5 miles (1-Way) / Difficulty: Easy
GPS: N42 32.766 W76 36.030

Trail: South Rim
Distance: 1.125 miles (1-Way) / Difficulty: Easy
GPS: N42 32.727 W76 35.969

Trail: Gorge Trail
Distance: 1.5 miles (Round Trip) / Difficulty: Easy
GPS: N42 32.727 W76 35.969

Trail: Multi-use
Distance: 2.0 miles (Round Trip) / Difficulty: Easy

05/01/2010 (AdvGirl) – We started this hike on the South Rim trail which is easily seen from the parking area.  Although I indicated “easy” for this hike, the multiple sets of stairs going to the rim can get you winded.  Once we were on the rim, the trail is very easy going from there.  A similar staircase is on the North Rim entrance, which seemed to be a less aggressive incline.  The South Rim connects to the North Rim trail over the upper falls and continues back to the South Rim parking lot.  From the same parking lot you will find the Gorge Trailhead.  This is a very easy paced hike to the lower observation area of the upper falls.  A nice set of easy trails connected to a very nice park filled with amenities.

Taughannock Falls - Lake Side

South Trim Trailhead

More South Rim Stairs ...

More South Rim Stairs ...

North Rim Trail

North Rim Trail

Taughannock Lower Falls - Gorge Trail

Gorge Trail

Gorge Trail View

Taughannock Upper Falls

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Happy Valley Wildlife Management Area Monday, September 28th, 2009
Happy Valley - Access Road

Happy Valley - Access Road

Name: Happy Valley Wildlife Management Area
Fee: Free / Pets: Yes

GPS: N43 27.742 W75 57.910 – Park Entrance
GPS: N43 25.980 W75 57.815 – Long Pond

Trail: Ehling Trail
Length: 7.5 miles (Round Trip) / Difficulty: Easy

Additional Links:
CNY Hiking.Com Trail Review
DEC – Happy Valley Map

This 8,645 acre area is a great general recreation area.  It’s open all year but camping is by permit only after September 1st.  It’s also rumored to be a hot spot for ghost sightings.  Several access roads allow travel by foot or 4×4 to various sections of the park.

09-26-2009 (Advgirl & Chinook) – This was our first visit to the area.  This place is an excellent area to bring your Jeep.  The roads are dirt packed and a little bumpy and wet in areas.  However, if you have a decent 4×4, you can navigate easily around major sections of the park.  We scouted out a couple of camping sites and a couple of trails that we will return to do.  We saw a few campers and ATV riders.

Happy Valley - Beaver Dam Lake

Happy Valley - Long Pond Pano