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Wellesley Island State Park Monday, July 27th, 2009

Wellesley IslandName: Wellesley Island State Park
Trail: “Round-the-Peninsula”
Length: 4.4 miles (round trip)
Difficulty: Easy
Fee: State Park Entry Fee
Pets: Yes

> 05/25/2003 (AdvGirl & Chinook)

The Wellesley Island State Park is a great all-around park for outdoor activity.  There are a lot of camp sites, biking along the trails, fishing, hiking and equipment rentals.  In addition, its the home to Minna Anthony Common Nature Center.

What I liked about hiking the “Round-the-Peninsula” trail is that it is comprised of several shorter trails: “Eel Bay”, “The Narrows”, “South Bay” and “East Bay” trails.  Each has it’s own unique attributes.  A few pictures from along the trail are featured below.

Wellesley Island - 2003

Wellesley Island - (8)

Wellesley-Island - (16)

Wellesley Island - 2003

Wellesley Island - (22)