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Sandy Creek Monday, April 18th, 2011
Sandy Creek (Jefferson County)

Sandy Creek - Monitor Mill Road

Body of Water:
Sandy Creek

Key Species:
Salmon (Chinook), Steelhead, Trout (Brown & Brook)

“Its headwaters contain holes and runs separated by shallow riffs.  Downstream of Adams it becomes flat water.  Around Woodville it enters a low gorge and slides down a clean, gentile, 2 mile-long slope whose broken floor creates violent backwashes, slicks, shallow pools, and runs.  It feeds Lakeview Marsh Wildlife Management Area’s Floodwood Pond.” — Fishing Western New York

Sandy Creek - 2

Sandy Creek - Monitor Mill Road

Rybaak 45B] - Public Access
GPS: N43 44.669 W76 07.599
* Parking for 20 Vehicles at North Landing Road.  There is public parking in the village of Woodville, but it is a pay lot ($5/day) as of this post.
Lakeview Marsh Wildlife Managment Area Ponds Saturday, May 29th, 2010
Floodwood Pond

Floodwood Pond

Bodies of Water:
Lakewood Pond, Floodwood Pond
Goose, North Colwell & South Colwell Ponds

Key Species:
Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass, Black Crappie, Yellow Perch & Sunfish

“This 3,461-acre wildlife management area is the largest undeveloped parcel within the Eastern Lake Ontario Dune and Wetland Area, a 17 mile stretch of barrier beach with the tallest sand dunes between Lake Michigan and Cape Cod.  Its five ponds are connected by channels navigable by canoe in years of normal rainfall.” – Fishing Western New York

[Rybaak 43A] – Southwick Beach State Park
GPS: N43 45.889 W76 12.882 (Parking Area)
*State Park fees apply for parking.  The park also offers several campsites, some with electricity.  Lakeview Natural Beach borders the park and this is a free area.  Along Lakeview Natural Beach, there are access points from the beach to Lakeview Pond and Floodwood Pond.

Lakeview Natural Beach

Lakeview Natural Beach

Boardwalk Between Floodwood Pond & Lake View Natural Beach

Boardwalk Between Floodwood Pond & Lake View Natural Beach

[Rybaak 43B] – Lakeview Pond Public Access
[Rybaak 43C] – Public Access
[Rybaak 43D] – South Colwell Pond Public Access

Lakeview Wildlife Management Area Wednesday, May 26th, 2010
Lake View Natural Beach

Lake View Natural Beach

Lakeview Wildlife Management Area
Fee: Southwick Beach State Park Entry Fee
Pets: Yes

Parking Area:
N43 45.889 W76 12.882 (Southwick State Park)

Trail Maps:
DEC Map – Lakeview Wildlife Area
Southwick Beach Trail Map

Fishing:  Lakeview Marsh Wildlife Management Area Ponds

Trail: Lakeview Natural Beach Trail
Distance: 6.5 miles (round trip) / Difficulty: Easy
GPS: N43 45.889 W76 12.882

Trail: Southwick Big Beach Trail
Distance: 0.7 miles (round trip)/ Difficulty: Easy

Trail: Southwick Big Dead Maple Tree Trail
Distance: 0.2 miles (round trip)/ Difficulty: Easy

Trail: Southwick Unnamed Trail
Distance: 1.2 miles (round trip)/ Difficulty: Easy

05/22/2010 (AdvGirl) – This was my initial visit to Southwick Beach, although my wife had been there several times.  Let me tell you, there is a lot of beach here.  Due to the time (and the heat) we opted for the Lakeview Beach trail.  After you move away from the State Park, there is so much beach and not a soul in sight.  The entire walk was on the sand with little to no elevation.  There are two wooden decks — one going to Lakeview Pond and the other, a lookout onto Floodwood Pond — to check out along the way.  As there were a few additional short trails in the area (and a fishing spot I want to try just minutes away from the park) a return trip for additional details will be forthcoming.

Lake Ontario From Lakeview Pond

Lake Ontario From Lakeview Pond

Boardwalk Between Floodwood Pond & Lake View Natural Beach

Boardwalk Between Floodwood Pond & Lake View Natural Beach

Natural Beach - Floodwood Pond Return Point

Natural Beach - Floodwood Pond Return Point