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Taughannock Falls State Park Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Taughannock "Upper Falls" - Gorge Trail

Taughannock Falls State Park
Fee: State Park Fees Apply
Pets: w/Restrictions

Parking Area: N42 32.307 W76 36.514 (Overlook)
Parking Area: N42 32.727 W76 35.969 (South Rim / Gorge)
Parking Area: N42 32.835 W76 35.786 (Picnic / Fishing)

Trail Map:

Trail: North Rim
Distance: 1.5 miles (1-Way) / Difficulty: Easy
GPS: N42 32.766 W76 36.030

Trail: South Rim
Distance: 1.125 miles (1-Way) / Difficulty: Easy
GPS: N42 32.727 W76 35.969

Trail: Gorge Trail
Distance: 1.5 miles (Round Trip) / Difficulty: Easy
GPS: N42 32.727 W76 35.969

Trail: Multi-use
Distance: 2.0 miles (Round Trip) / Difficulty: Easy

05/01/2010 (AdvGirl) – We started this hike on the South Rim trail which is easily seen from the parking area.  Although I indicated “easy” for this hike, the multiple sets of stairs going to the rim can get you winded.  Once we were on the rim, the trail is very easy going from there.  A similar staircase is on the North Rim entrance, which seemed to be a less aggressive incline.  The South Rim connects to the North Rim trail over the upper falls and continues back to the South Rim parking lot.  From the same parking lot you will find the Gorge Trailhead.  This is a very easy paced hike to the lower observation area of the upper falls.  A nice set of easy trails connected to a very nice park filled with amenities.

Taughannock Falls - Lake Side

South Trim Trailhead

More South Rim Stairs ...

More South Rim Stairs ...

North Rim Trail

North Rim Trail

Taughannock Lower Falls - Gorge Trail

Gorge Trail

Gorge Trail View

Taughannock Upper Falls

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